"You have Ovarian Cancer..."


Denise T. Rouse

Ovarian Cancer Survivor and Life Coach

These words significantly changed the direction of my life and my work as a coach.   During my 36-month journey to remission, I have had countless coaching conversations with women who searched for tangible ways to navigate their new reality and plans for the future.  In my practice,  we focus on how to do both.  We focus on how to live with cancer.  I am a life coach who works with women with gynecological cancer.  

This challenge impacts every aspect of life and much will change as a result.  My goal is to help you manage the changes, embrace possibilities and prepare for the future in the most helpful and healthy ways possible.  My approach is collaborative so we will work together toward your goals.  And if you don't know your goals, we will work together to figure them out.

I provide a free 20-minute phone conversation to get acquainted, answer questions and determine I am the right person to support you in this journey.  Click here to complete a short information form.  I will contact you within one business day of receiving your information.

I look forward to it all,